David Holler's Taekwondo, Mobile Alabama's Premier Martial Arts School.

About Us

Mr. David Holler About our school

Mr. Holler is a 7th Degree Black Belt and Master Instuctor who has been training in Taekwondo for over 30 years. Mr. Holler is a graduate of Murphy High School and holds a Criminal Justice degree from Florida State University.

Mr. Holler opened his first Taekwondo school in 1991 in Albany, GA. In 1996 Mr. Holler and his wife Jeania moved back to Mobile and opened David Holler’s Taekwondo. Mr. Holler is also a founder of the organization Taekwondo America.
Our school located on Schillingers Rd in Mobile, AL was established in 1996 by Master Instructor Mr. David Holler. At David Holler's Taekwondo we offer classes for men, women, and children ages 5 and up in a fun, positive, family environment.

Our Curriculum

Our program teaches self-confidence, focus, self-discipline, courtesy and teamwork in a fun environment. During a typical class students may participate in a variety of activities such as: Working with an instructor to learn or improve their Form, Practicing sparring or One-Step skills, Working with a partner on target drills to learn to punch and kick more effectively, Practicing kick combinations and other fun cardio, strength and agility drills Adult and Teen classes provide an excellent strength training and aerobic workout for wide range of ages and abilities. Activities are designed to allow you to work out at your pace and level as strength, flexibility and endurance improve. In addition to learning your current belt level Form, practicing sparring or One-Steps and learning how to defend yourself, you might use targets, pushups, sit ups, stretching, and a variety of fun and challenging activities to increase flexibility and improve muscle strength.


You may also hear Forms referred to as Hyungs or Katas. Forms are patterns of moves designed to teach students increasingly complex marital arts skills and techniques. Each belt level has its own Form that a student will learn when he or she passes testing and receives that new belt level. The expectation for how the techniques in each Form are performed increases also. A new student, performing their white belt form, will not be expected to have the same precision of stances and sharpness of technique that a black belt student should demonstrate when they do their black belt form. The goal is for students to show gradual improvement over time as they progress through the belt levels.


Sparring involves using controlled defense and attack techniques with light contact in short bouts with a partner in a safe environment. It helps prepare students to defend themselves in a real life situation. Sparring is introduced into a student’s training gradaully starting with One-Steps for white, yellow and orange belt students. The One-Steps are short combinations of moves a student uses as a defense against an attack. Some orange belts, and all green belts and up participate in free sparring. Free sparring allows students to practice defensive and counter-attack techniques in a safe and controlled environment. For safety, all sparring level students are required to purchase and wear approved TU branded gear.

Board Breaking

At brown belt (after nearly a year of training in taekwondo) board breaking becomes part of a student’s testing and allows students to demonstrate their speed and power. The size of the boards students are required to break vary based on the student’s age.

For more information please contact us at 251.272.0289